All Generations Will Call Her Blessed and Mother!

(Re-post of previous as there were problems with it.)

Our Lord confirmed to Elizabeth Kindelmann a sublime Truth, which we must ponder and pray about often: “I must tell you My daughter that My Mother will not have been as venerated ever since the Word became Flesh (left the Church and the Sacraments), as she will be once she spreads the effect of Grace of her Flame of Love in hearts and souls….humanity will prostrate at the feet of the Mother of God to give thanks for her unlimited maternal love.”

Our Lord is preparing us for the time in the near future when the Scripture passages with regard to His Mother will reach their zenith: “All generations will call me blessed” and “How is it that the Mother of my Lord should come to me” and “Son, behold your Mother” so that the Triumph of Mary’s Immaculate Heart will be achieved and blossom in the souls of the children of God.  All will know who the Mother of God is and that we were rescued by her Motherly love for us as her true children…so that the prayer of “Hail Holy Queen, our life, our sweetness and our hope” will be fulfilled… not only in the (never ending) opening of Heaven by her Fiat for the birth of the God-Man, but now her Fiat for the opening of the Reign of the Holy Spirit to dwell in our souls such that we may live with God’s Will as Mary did and the prayer of the “Our Father” may be completely fulfilled!  How is this possible? By the power of the Holy Spirit who will cause the New Pentecost, where an extraordinary effusion of Grace will open the eyes of the soul in a powerful way!  As Pope St. John Paul II stated: “God wills that the coming victory belong to Mary.”

Fr. Emil Neubert in “My Ideal: Jesus Son of Mary” gives us this insight using the putative thoughts of Jesus: “It is I who gave the Commandment ‘Honor the Father and Mother.’ How could I do otherwise than keep this Commandment Myself in all its perfection?

“Honor her above all by your conduct. Become a saint and you will thereby do (her) more honor, than if while remaining a mediocre Christian, you composed learned books about her…Honor her for those who do not honor her; for pagans who have no knowledge of her; for heretics who blaspheme her (remember to honor the First Saturdays!); for bad Christians who fail to pray to her; (and) for the consecrated souls who show themselves to be lukewarm in her service!

“Honor her with no fear of excess. You will never honor her as much as I did, nor as much as I wish her to be honored.”

So, let us recommit today, right now.  Let us beg for Wisdom, Knowledge and Counsel of the Holy Spirit to take up one new exercise of love to honor our Mother, so we may imitate Jesus more perfectly!  Let us never be a consecrated soul who is lukewarm in her service!  Let us sacrifice our time and our effort more than we have done to this moment!  Let us give of ourselves completely for our Mother, so we may enjoy a special place in Heaven with her for all eternity and contemplate the Love of God who died such a horrible death that we might live for all eternity with such a sweet Mother!  Let us truly honor our Father and our Mother!

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4 Responses to All Generations Will Call Her Blessed and Mother!

  1. Suzanne says:

    How Divine.
    Please Pray for Us, That We Will Honor and Adore Her, Thank you St.Pope John Paul II


  2. Don and Carmen May says:

    Blessings and much gratitude for finding a way for me to get this! Mass for you tomorrow!

    Sent from my iPad



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