Contemplating Why God Loves His Mother and Why Self-Giving Love and Suffering are Necessary to Imitate Her

As we begin to put into practice each day the loving exercises of our Consecration and then the extraordinary Grace of the Flame of Love of her Immaculate Heart, we will benefit immensely by contemplating the Love of God for Mary. Fr. Emil Neubert continues to be our guide in “My Ideal: Jesus Son of Mary”. He explains: we must think deeply about the motives which impelled God to love her so much.

“Jesus loves her…because she is His Mother, a Mother of ravishing beauty and perfection; a Mother who gave Him more joy by the least of her words….; a Mother who lived only for Him and who accepted the most excruciating martyrdom a creature has ever endured. Jesus loved her because she will labor even to the end of time to convert sinners, to sanctify the just and to lead numberless souls to God.”

He explains that we must always meditate on the immensity of His Love for His Mother as we will never reach its limit, not even during eternity! She loves us because in order to bring us forth to Life, she had to give Jesus up to death. Imagine sacrificing one of your children at the age of 33 for other people, most of whom are ungrateful!

Fr. Emil goes on to point out the key: “If you really love Mary as Jesus does, you will want to work for her. You will be glad to give her your activity, your time, your efforts. No labor will be too painful for you when there is a question of her glory, no enterprise will seem impossible for you when there is question of promoting her interests…if you love Mary, you will want to suffer for her. He who no longer loves Mary when he must suffer for her has never truly loved her; he has merely loved himself in consolations she has given him. Do not refuse to suffer, for you would be refusing to love. Do not merely accept suffering; love it.

So again, how do we get to this point of loving suffering? Fr. Neubert gives us the answer: “The love of Mary is a Grace—a choice Grace! But Grace is obtained by prayer (and the Sacraments)…Ask without hesitating, for this Grace cannot fail to be conformable to God’s designs….Ask for this Grace every day. Ask for it above all when we unite ourselves to God in the Holy Eucharist….and it is especially in Holy Communion that God causes the Love of His Mother to pass from His Heart into yours.”

We do not ask enough nor with God’s own desire. Ask for this Grace…beg….beg! God will give it if we truly desire! Until now, we simply have not begged with true desire….now we beg with God’s desire and we will be heard! Trust accomplishes all things! Let us work for her and with her to save countless souls! It is always Love and souls!

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6 Responses to Contemplating Why God Loves His Mother and Why Self-Giving Love and Suffering are Necessary to Imitate Her

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  2. Deacon Pat Murphy says:

    Mary has invited ALL to spiritually enter Her Sacred Womb. Sacred be caused Christ lived there. In Her womb, She and Jesus transform each one into another Jesus.

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  3. Pauline says:

    Good stuff, I get this to

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