On Understanding the Specific Plan of Daily Action Needed to Follow the Path of Consecration and the Flame of Love Grace

In the August 3, 2015 Post on the “End Result of Consecration and the Flame of Love Grace”, we were given the crucial question to ponder (and then the insight to correspond to and practice): “But how do we change our daily behavior, how does Grace open the eyes or powers of our soul so that our intellect, memory, and most importantly our will, change to be like those of Jesus and Mary? First, we must desire these thoughts and acts and that they be done by and in God’s Will, and then to beg for these thoughts and acts of God in the many incidents and behaviors of the day, as we practice through the power and influence of the Holy Spirit. Eventually through Grace and practice (perseverance is a virtue, as well as correspondence to Grace for which we must pray each day!), we begin to see and execute God’s Will in our thoughts and acts as we see God in our fellow man and see His Will and how He would act in each of our acts; and then the powers of the soul through cooperation with this Grace begin to be infused with Divine Charity (we begin to recognize the Holy Spirit within our soul since He is there when we are in a state of Grace!)”

This is how Grace normally works in each one of us…our love grows through Grace with small, little steps and victories over our subtle pride, selfishness, love of comfort and failures to love as He would love. We must recognize it takes time, effort and practice! It rarely happens instantly or even within a certain period of time, although it will now happen much more quickly and securely than ever before due to the power of this Gratuitous Gift, which God is now pouring out through the Flame of Love of His Mother’s Immaculate Heart! Each person has a different time frame and journey in God’s Divine Providence. Be at peace…God has the perfect plan for you.

Most of us have learned the hard way NOT to do too much too soon, especially if we have been lukewarm or completely away from The Lord. So, we need to see the big picture, the entire plan of what a typical day will look like once we commit to love God with His own Love as Mary did. We need a map to know the way, even though we are not yet ready for the whole trip. Fr. Emil Neubert gives a brilliant portrait of such a day in his masterwork of “Life In Union With Mary” based upon the actions of a very holy person whom he interviewed: “The general resolution of the day is to live my entire Consecration, my total belonging to Mary, as consciously as possible in all the details of the day. For this purpose, I kneel frequently before the image of Mary at the foot of the Cross of Christ and renew, with all the fervor of my soul, my entire Consecration to her, my total belonging to her, my dependence on her at every instant, my devotedness in service to her unto death. Then through her, with her and in her…I unite myself and give myself entirely to Jesus, my Divine leader and enter into communion with Him for the welfare of souls. This holy person then instructs us that we must renew this offering many times throughout the day to be attentive and faithful to this Grace:

  1. In the morning upon rising as our formal intention of the day.
  2. At the beginning of each prayer and spiritual exercise; at each hour of the day; and visits to the Blessed Sacrament, we should form a special intention to please God through Mary for some soul or some need and unite it to the general intention of the day.
  3. At the beginning of our duties for the day.
  4. At breaks and changes in the various duties of the day, we pause and place ourselves as instruments in the hands of Mary for Jesus and the accomplishment of His Will in us at all times with complete trust in our nothingness and in His power to save souls though our fiat with Mary’s Fiat.
  5. In our meals and in our change over from duty to recreation (severely limiting TV and the internet to those very few wholesome areas left).
  6. In our conversations, correspondence (emails, texts and phone calls with all) we pause before each one and ask to renew our Consecration and commitment to love God with His own Love in each person despite their quirks and traits which irritate us.
  7. Whenever we enter a new room during the day and especially when we enter our bedroom at night for our prayers, examination of conscience, and desire for our next Holy Communion. We call upon Mary and her constant “presence” with the Holy Spirit in our soul in order to complete and bless each desire, thought and action of that day so it can be perfected in God’s will despite whatever inadvertent frailty of ours that occurred.

Now, for virtually all of us, we will be overwhelmed and never start UNLESS we simply start with just one new step to desire and practice. God will take us where we are! Do not be alarmed nor frustrated! The more impossible this seems, the more He will do of the work, if we but trust in His Infinite Goodness and Mercy! This is what Grace is and does! His Mercy is unfathomable! He tells Elizabeth and all the Exemplars that when we recognize and relish our nothingness and complete incapability, He begins to act…if we are in a state of Grace…thus the critical need for a constant dependence upon the Sacrament of Confession! We must seek confession often…every two weeks is ideal…some will be led to every week! He simply wants our total dependence upon His Love and Mercy! Let us never forget His Words in Scripture…”You can do nothing without Me,” and His confirmation to St. Faustina: “My child, you see what you are of yourself. The cause of your falls is that you rely too much upon yourself and too little upon Me.” So, let us ask the Holy Spirit through His Spouse and our Mother to pick one new item or one change of behavior each day to do or give to our dear Lord out of love for Him and sous! Then beg for more Grace!

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10 Responses to On Understanding the Specific Plan of Daily Action Needed to Follow the Path of Consecration and the Flame of Love Grace

  1. Lisa says:

    This is truly humbling and beautiful! How easy it is to read it, yet how difficult it is to apply it. I really appreciate this post, and I am thankful to the Lord for it, for inspiring you to send it, so I can see it.


  2. Tara says:

    This is exactly the encouraging post I needed. Thank you, as always, for following the inspirations of the Holy Spirit, Tony! I have been begging for graces more often, and realizing my tremendous weakness much, feeling frustrated with my constant imperfections… People are the most difficult, as responses are needed more quickly, and I don’t yet know what is my instinctual nature and what is the Holy Spirit prompting me. I ordered He & I today — thank you for referencing it so often — I am certain it will be another favorite of mine. I thirst for Jesus, I want to hear Him, serve Him, and love Him more and more…


    • Yes, haste was a real problem for me and still is! Slow us down Lord…please we beg for this Grace to be prudent and reserved…measured in our response…so we think before we respond…and respond as Jesus and Mary would!


  3. lillian rainville says:

    Thank You Anthony, this is the desire of my heart, Everyday I try to do just what you wrote,
    always united with Luisa Piccarreta in the Divine Will, I have a long way to go, but in God
    we trust. I need to be reminded of the steps to take, I redo my consecration to Our Lady
    every day, Mass & Communion and Adoration,,pray that I remain faithful till the end.
    and please pray for me my birthday will be 8/19/ 80 yrs old. Praise the Lord,
    Fiat Mihi,


  4. Michelle Evans says:

    Thank you so much for this…….I am struggling so much right now. I am late on renewing my consecration…..my Feast Day was July16th (Our Lady of Mt. Carmel) and I am trying now to renew my consecration using St. De Montfort’s “True Devotion” but am really struggling. I feel so terribly guilty and like such a failure and yet at the same time get profound glimpses of my own nothingness and am filled with joy. This is my third year of serving our dear Jesus through beautiful Mary. You have given me much clarity Tony, especially about patience with myself.
    Thanks again and God bless you for all you do!!!


  5. Nina Venezia says:

    You inspire me and” shake me to the core” with your words. I have prayed for years to see and do God’s will. And your antidotes have led me to understand and pursue it at last. Your words sometime make me uncomfortable because they ring so true. They challenge me as a Catholic and encourage me as soldier for Christ. They give me direction on the road to heaven. You have explained what it means to truly love as our Lord loves, and that IS the will of God. Thank you


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