Executing the Giving of Everything to Mary for Jesus

As we seek to imitate Elizabeth Kindelmann through the special Grace, which God is now pouring our through the Flame of Love of our Mother’s Immaculate Heart,  knowledge and daily practice are critical to our success in corresponding to the Grace.  The knowledge is the first step.  Desire for this knowledge to become a daily habit is the secret to execution…to accomplishing what God desires for us.  Let us pray: “Lord, I desire this Grace…all of it…please honor and increase my desire by substituting Your own desire and help me execute and accomplish all You desire for me and others.”

In loving Jesus with Mary’s Love, we have stated we must give her everything we possess and then be obedient to all God wants of us through her.  As Father Emil Neubert teaches us: “Our Lord chose to obey her in all simplicity as a model for us!  He was her God; but also her Son. She was His Mother and the representative of His Father.” Mary gave our Lord commands and He happily obeyed them all, while she rejoiced in His obedience, since they both perfectly did the Will of the Father!  Do we will to cause Mary this same joy?  Then we must imitate Jesus and obey her commands in all we do.

Fr. Emil explains this key truth:  Mary…”commands you first of all by the voice of duty.  Some make their devotion to Mary consist in pictures and statutes, in candles and flowers; others in formulas of prayer and hymns; others in sentiments of tenderness and enthusiasm…There are some who believe they love her very much because they rejoice in talking with her…or because they endeavor constantly to think of her!  All of these things are good, but they are not the essential. ‘Not everyone that says to Me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the Kingdom of Heaven; but only those who do the Will of My Father in Heaven…’  Likewise, it is not those who say Mother, Mother who are the true children of Mary, but those who always do her will.  Now Mary has no other will than God’s, and God’s Will in your regard is the accomplishment of your duty.

“Strive therefore, above all, to do your duty and to do it out of love for her.  Your duty (whether) it is great or small, easy or painful, interesting or monotonous, glorious or obscure.  With a view toward pleasing your Mother, be more docile toward your superiors, more amiable toward your equals, more gentle toward your inferiors, more kind to all. Be more punctual in your obedience, more conscientious in your work, more patient in your trials. But accomplish all of this with a maximum of love and with a pleasant smile.  Look cheerfully at your painful task, your prosaic occupations, the monotonous succession of your obligations…look with a smile at your Mother, who asks you to accomplish your duty in high spirits that you may prove your love for her.”

Fr. Emil then concludes this teaching with this key insight into God’s Wisdom: “It is relatively easy for you to see the will of Mary in what God commands you to do (your daily duties). But how hard it is for you to see in it what God allows to happen. Yet the God of Love allows things to happen only out of Love…so then, when things or men make you suffer, do not think of them, but think of your Mother, who by these things or men is striving to make you more pure and more happy.  Say to her: ‘ Behold the handmaid of The Lord; be it done onto me according to thy word.'”

Let us remember this: our Mother is the Mediatrix of all Grace!!  Every Grace to accomplish the Will of God comes through her….so how could we possibly not want to be formally Consecrated to Jesus through her?  How could we not want to renew this formal Consecration each year and then a short version that we constantly renew throughout the day?  How could we not want to receive and constantly nourish the Extraordinary Grace of the Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary through the loving exercises Mary practiced…fasting, continuous prayer, night vigils and always doing and living in the Will of God?  How could we not want to imitate our Mother…who imitates our Father?  Does a true child not seek to always imitate his Mother and Father when they Love?  And how much easier is it now that the Mother and Father, who are perfect, allow the child to have as pure Gift, especially the Holy Spirit, all they possess?  All we must do is desire and strive each day…recognize our complete nothingness and inclination to sin…accept the Gift….and then strive each day to do a little better than yesterday through this same Grace!  God will do all through His Mother, if we but desire and persist with His Will!!

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