Sharing God’s Love With All Our Brothers and Sisters…Especially the Most Difficult Ones

When the Holy Spirit moves in our hearts and souls to inspire a critical insight about our life in God and for God, we often receive powerful confirmations. Our Lord taught Elizabeth Kindelmann: “You know the great sin of the world is to ignore My inspirations…(and it then becomes) impossible to lead a spiritual life.” In the last post, we feel God inspiring each of us with the critical need to love and care for those we dislike in order to have true Charity. Our Lord inspired Gabrielle Bossis as well with this invaluable insight of the need to love those we dislike, which we so often overlook or ignore, even when this commandment is replete throughout the New Testament.

Our Lord instructs us through Gabrielle: “If I have fulfilled you, it is for the sake of others too. Be ready to pass on to them with love all you have received…Believe with all your heart that in sharing this overflow of Graces, you will help many others. A river gives everything to the sea, yet it always swells anew. My little child, don’t you see, one can never give too much. Step outside your self-center. This will be a new way of coming to Me. Try to see Me more clearly in those around you and your entire association with others will be transformed. You often feel sorry that you were not alive when I was on earth so that you could have been with Me. Be fully aware of Me in those around you…serve me in them. Later on you will be glad you did.

“Remember what is written in the Gospel: ‘Lord, when did I take care of you? Every time you took care of your neighbor.’ And how true it is that these charitable acts bring you closer to Me. Who can bring you closer to Me, if not Myself hidden in the other person?….So, go to everyone without partiality. And since it’s for Me, give them your whole self. Go to the very outermost limit of your kindness…Widen your smile…I am counting on you. I am waiting for you and already giving you all the Grace you need, the Grace I want you to make use of so that those who meet you will meet Me.

“Ask the Holy Spirit to guide your mind….Do you know when you speak like Me? When you put goodness and charm in your words. When you touch hearts. When you give a gracious answer to an acid remark. When you make excuses for someone. When you serve. When you give. When you calm an angry person. When you comfort. When you keep an even temper in all circumstances. When you remain humble and not seek to shine. When you are grateful for the kindness of others. When you are generous. Who was more generous than I? Who more gentle and humble? All this is yours. You are part of My Mystical Body….Think of Me in My human life more often, for in this way you will draw the power to imitate Me….Now do you understand a little better the reason you were born? To be one with Me. Begin, begin right from this moment.”

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    “Remember what is written in the Gospel: ‘Lord, when did I take care of you? Every time you took care of your neighbor.’


  2. I listened to a CD today that gave a good example of living out your message, a true story. A priest was visiting a parish in Rome near the Vatican. All around this area were beggars laying next to walls and doorways. This priest saw one of them that looked familiar. In asking the beggar if they knew each other, the beggar said that they were in seminary together some time ago. He told him he really blew it in life and here he is. The priest had to be on his way as he had to get to an arranged audience with Pope John Paul II now in his later years. When he got to John Paul II, he kissed his ring and said as fast as he could to pray for this beggar that use to be seminary with him. He makes his way back to the parish to see if he was still there and he was. He had some news to tell him. “Get up and get ready; we have been invited to have a closed dinner with Pope John Paul tonight!” “No way! I have no clothes nor have I had a shower in months.” He told the beggar it has all been arranged. They get to the dinner and after the main course, John Paul puts his arm out to touch the dressed up beggar. He was told that this meant that he was invited out to the terrace for a one on one with the Pope. They came back about 12 minutes later, had dessert, finished the evening conversation, and off they went. The priest couldn’t wait to hear what had
    happened on the terrace. The beggar happily shared his story. Pope John Paul said almost immediately, “Father, I want you to hear my confession.” Bewildered, the beggar reminded the Pope he was no longer a priest but a beggar. Pope John Paul reminded him that we are all beggars and please proceed with his confession. Then the beggar, so filled with the love that was shown him, asked Pope John Paul to hear his confession. That was what took the rest of the 10 minutes. Then for his absolution penance, he gave the beggar an assignment…he was to go to all the beggars in the area that he well knew and tell his story to them all. We are all beggars and God hears the prayers of a beggar. Now the beggar was given the opportunity to pass unto them the love he received from the Vicar of Christ who had demonstrated so profoundly the giving of overflowing graces that had to be shared with his neighbor.
    Was so touched by this story that I had to share it with my neighbor! God’s blessing to you and your ministry. Shirley Bachmeier


  3. How powerful. I love HE & I–such a tender, loving book. I started meditating with it this week. Jesus is so direct, the Voice is so authentic. He says, “Be exquisitely kind. Keep watch on your manner, the very little touches. This is what gives your charity its charm.” How lovely that Christ expects us to be CHARMING, sincerely warm and charming. How else can anyone be drawn to Him? When praying with this book, you can feel Jesus giving you a great, big hug!


    • This has always been one of my favorites of our Lord’s instructions to her. “He and I” should be required reading for every person. Maybe more would read it, if the title were: “Knowing Who God Really Is: What If He Carried On A Conversation With You For 12 Years”. Let us do our part to spread it to all we know, especially those who read this Blog! Friends, it will be on the most important and gratifying acts of this life and of your eternal life!!


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