How Specifically Does One Love Mary With the Same Love that Jesus Did?

Let us delve deeper into this mystery of Love and Grace that God has allowed in His infinite, gratuitous Love. God has taught His Exemplars of the New and Divine Holiness, as explained by St. Pope John Paul II, the reality of how we can love with His own Love, especially how we can love His Mother with His Love. Fr. Emil Neubert was gifted with exceptional insight into this Gift of God and describes 6 steps we must take.

First, we must give ourselves entirely to her without reserve as Jesus did. Our Lord choose a perpetual state of dependence on his Mother for the Glory of the Father and to show us the foundation of humility necessary to love the Trinity as He did. He could do this since Mary’s will was perfectly that of the Father. Our Lord has stated in His Divine Word of Holy Scripture in John 13: 5: “I have given you an example, that as I have done, so you do also.” The foundational element and necessary action is to formally Consecrate ourselves to Jesus through Mary in a spiritual exercise or process that ideally will take 33 days based upon the work of St. Louis de Montfort and the newer developments (such as by Father Michael Gaitley) based upon de Monfort’s approach that have been approved by the Church (other shorter length approaches to Consecration are good and acceptable, but not as perfect as the 33 day approach of prayer, pondering and preparation based in St. Louis de Montfort, who was inspired by the Holy Spirit and has been proposed as a Doctor of the Church).

Second, we must give Mary all our possessions: material, spiritual, natural and supernatural. We give her our bodies, our skills, our talents, our goods, our money, our spiritual exercises, our sacrifices, our sufferings as well as our souls and all the powers of our soul, our memory, our understanding, our imagination and our will. We give everything including the merits and benefits we accrue through all our spiritual exercises and sufferings so that Mary can use them as God wills.

Next, we must be willing to be used in the manner and for the purpose she directs as God wills for the salvation and sanctification of as many souls as possible in God’s Mercy! We must be willing to be a co-victim with her and our dear Lord for the salvation of as many souls as God’s Divine Mercy will cause no matter the suffering and self abasement required!

Fourth, we must be willing to do all of this without expectation of anything, except to Love God with His own Love as Mary did in order to Love Him more perfectly now and for all eternity!

Fifth, we must make this Consecration in totality forever. We will be tempted to take back this Gift of all we are when the going gets tough, just as the early disciples did: “This is a hard saying and who can hear it.” If we persevere and rely solely on God’s Mercy and our Mother’s intercession, admitting our complete sinfulness, poverty and nothingness at all times, God will do the work we can not do in order for us to persevere!

Finally, we must renew our Consecration frequently. As we grow in Grace and relish our nothingness and poverty, we will renew our Consecration in the morning; at Mass, especially during our Communion thanksgiving; during every hour of our duty; at the praying of the Rosary; at our meals; prior to any major decision or task; at the three o’clock hour when our Lord gave us His Mother as our Mother; at our evening prayer and examination of conscience; and especially in the mortifications, trials and sufferings of life which are hardest to bear. This Consecration renewal throughout the day does not have to be lengthy. We can use the saying of St. Pope John Paul II: “I am all yours dear Mother and all I have is yours!”

So, we now know the specifics of how we can love Mary with the Love Jesus had for her, which is the same love Mary had for Jesus, which God is willing to share with us, if we desire it, are properly disposed and cooperate with the Extraordinary Grace, which God is now pouring out on mankind! Desire accomplishes all things in God’s Love by allowing God to do what He wills in us solely for His Glory and the salvation of souls! Let us choose Love!

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10 Responses to How Specifically Does One Love Mary With the Same Love that Jesus Did?

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    Let us choose Love!


  2. Brianbernardmason says:

    Thank you Anthony

    In Christ,

    Brian Mason Manassas Virginia

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  3. Prose says:

    Dear Tony,

    These past few writings have been a supportive means of clarifying direction and sharing wonderful insights as I walk these 33 days to Consecration. I deeply appreciate your wisdom and your love of Mary and the Triune God.

    Praise and Gratitude to God for you!
    May the Flame of Love burn brightly in our hearts.
    God bless,


  4. Tony, it’s as you said in your blog, “This is a hard saying and who can hear it?” My experiences in the past few months seem to have prepared me for at least “hearing it” and understanding a bit more about this calling. The Flame of Love addition to my rosary has given me an awareness of this Gift of the Father through Mary to Jesus and a growing desire to ask for it. I knew full well that that I could not do what I yearn for with my pettily little faith and huge love of comfort that I seem to guard with a passion. It had brought me to the place of wanting to love with Jesus love, or at least Mary’s. So when those words were used in your blog, I saw possibilities. All the abandonment didn’t scare me to death because I knew more fully that this would not be doable in my faith and strength. But with God’s special grace and His patience with me, I am willing to start the process of giving myself and all that I have to Mary and the Father for their purpose. I have known for a long time to pray for this “mission” not knowing just what it was. Thank you once again for your gifts. They bless, challenge and encourage me always.


    • Shirley, this is precisely the approach God desires….So Amen! We simply recognize our complete incapability, but ask Him to give us this desire and then set out at every moment to love Him with His own Love. It is in the daily, moment by moment, yes Lord, I will try harder to do more and love better. As we grow in our desire to give more to Him, we begin to experience this Grace as it slowly but surely changes our bad habits and love of comfort. The fasting is an important step, because it proves our willingness to try harder. Start with one meal and keep begging Him and He will bring you to 6 meals a week. For those who can’t fast from food for health reasons, we urge them to fast from internet, TV or whatever gives them human pleasure. The Lord will do this for all who desire to love Him better and our dear Mother will be watching over us with her gaze of Love urging us on to further humility and nothingness!


  5. Tony,, again thank you for this wonderful summary. I made de Montfort’s consecration when I was 13 years old with all the seriousness of the young. It gives me great joy to belong to Mary for over 50 years.


    • Kathy, may God continue to help us help each other! Our Mother and the Grace of the Flame of Love of her Immaculate Heart are the keys to unlock the execution or reality of the New and Divine Holiness or living with God’s Will as Mary did! May all of us who know and recognize our nothingness be able to offer our lives as co-victims and be together for all eternity praising God!


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