The Crucial Insight About Our Mother Which Opens The Eyes of our Soul

The Exemplars of the New and Divine Holiness share an extraordinary insight into the role God has given to His Mother.  It is the desire for and acceptance of this insight through God’s Grace, which unlocks further Grace to develop the loving, filial and supernatural relationship God so wants us to have with His Mother.  Fr. Emil Neubert in “My Ideal: Jesus Son of Mary” shares the Gift with us, just as someone shared it with him.  He explains that you can not reproduce the filial love of Jesus toward Mary, unless you are a child of Mary as Jesus was.  He states: “Many love Mary as if she were their Mother.”  Most people fail to realize that Mary is indeed their real and true Mother in the supernatural order, which is ultimately the only order or element of our life which matters for our joy for all eternity.  Our natural mother cooperated with our natural father to give us life through God’s ultimate Power.  However, Mary has given us the most real life….our supernatural life or sharing in the Life of God for all eternity.  Her Yes…her Fiat…caused this to happen. If she had said no…..we would not have Jesus our Savior and thus we would not share in supernatural Life for all eternity in joy.

Mary’s Yes occurred in three ways.  First at Nazareth when she conceived Jesus, she also conceived us.  Father Emil explains: “By consenting to give Jesus life, she also consented to give it to you.  By becoming God’s Mother, she became yours.”  On Calvary she brought us forth to eternal life through pure, raw suffering when she offered Jesus her Son as a sacrifice for you.  He explains: “at that moment, her Motherhood was consummated…that is why God wanted to proclaim it by confiding John to Mary and Mary to John.”

Mary is also our true Mother at our Baptism.  Your natural mother in a sense brought you forth as a stillborn child. Fr. Emil explains: “That you might come to supernatural Life, Sanctifying Grace had to be infused into you at the baptismal font. This Sanctifying Grace came to you through Mary, for except through her, no Grace is ever given. When you were transformed from a child of wrath to a child of God, it was Mary who gave birth to you unto that life Divine.  Do you understand now how Mary, by making you a participant in the life of God, is really your Mother in the supernatural order…What human motherhood could compare with such a Motherhood?” Mary is your true Mother, and she is also a perfect Mother, because she is God’s Mother…and God is perfect.  Do you now finally see why you must love her and be devoted to her just as Jesus was?  Do you finally see what you owe her?  Let us always remember that without her Fiat, we would not be born to eternal life!

Therefore, the Word of God and natural logic dictate that Jesus has set the ideal example and requires us to imitate Him.  Fr. Emil brings us the key passage of Scripture in John 13:5: “I have given you an example, that as I have done, so you must do also.” We must love the Mother of God, because Jesus loves her.  We must love the Mother of God in the same way that Jesus loves her.  We must love the Mother of God WITH THE SAME LOVE as Jesus loves her.  Mary is indeed our true Mother!!  What would we not do for the Mother of our eternal life in God?

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    “We must love the Mother of God in the same way that Jesus loves her. We must love the Mother of God WITH THE SAME LOVE as Jesus loves her. Mary is indeed our true Mother!!”


    • Thank you Deacon John! May God be glorified in us and may all of us draw closer each day through His Mother and our true Mother! The Divine Antidote community: please check out Deacon John’s blog.


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