A Life of Perfect Union With Jesus Requires Perfect Union With Mary His Mother and Our Mother

Our Lord constantly taught Elizabeth Kindelmann and all the Exemplars of the New and Divine Holiness the absolute requirement and necessity to call on and imitate His Mother constantly! Elizabeth was given a special insight into and understanding of how Mary’s will was perfectly united to the Trinity through a special Grace, which God now wills to give to all His children who are disposed (our desire plus our effort while being in a state of Grace) to receive such an extraordinary Grace. We will now begin a detailed and extensive meditation over many posts on what a Life in Union with Jesus Through Mary actually consists of at each moment. We will primarily use the works of St. Louis de Montfort, St. Maximilian Kolbe, Blessed Joseph Chaminade (founder of the Society of Mary) and his protege, Father Emil Neubert, and we will work in the writings of other great Saints as well.

Why is this particular knowledge so critical to each person seeking to love God better….to fulfill our only purpose in life? Why is this the necessary path for those who seek to love God with all one’s heart, mind, soul and strength? Because quite simply and quite profoundly we must stop and drink in this ultimate TRUTH: God Himself Willed This Reality!! God Himself, the Divine, All Knowing, All Wise, All Perfect, Eternal, Infinite Being choose this Reality!! God choose to humble Himself and become the Child of Mary and place Himself as true God and true man in union with her and under her guidance for 90% of His life on earth or 30 of His 33 years!! How is it we would expect or even think we could possibly achieve this perfect union with The Trinity if we did not choose the exact way God Himself ordained!! Would we not be completely foolish? Would it not be our stubborn but subtle Pride, which seeks an easier or more intellectual way, or a way which others who want to impress us or who seek our affection mistakenly take us.

Let us always remember this unique privilege, this Gratuitous Gift of God’s Divine Love: “How is it that the Mother of God should come to me?” How is it that God has allowed me to hear, understand and achieve the greatest possible Grace in this life…to imitate Jesus by imitating Mary, the one who perfectly did so!! To whom much is given, much is expected!! Let us rejoice that we have the treasure buried in the field! We have the pearl of rare price! We can have the glory of the highest place in Heaven for all eternity, if we but respond with desire and effort to Give of ourselves completely as God has given Himself completely to us!!

This is the great paradox but the Truth of God: we can not achieve perfect union with Him, unless we also are willing to humble ourselves completely and perfectly by recognizing our complete nothingness and inclination to sin and that we are incapable of anything without total submission and reliance on God as Mary herself did!! It is in this mutual submission and self giving that the Holy Spirit will come and actualize the Grace of our Baptism and Confirmation within us and with Mary bring an additional, Extraordinary Grace, which she will obtain through the merits of her Son; and the Holy Spirit and Mary will, as they first did, form Jesus Christ within us as perfectly as is possible for a creature!!

Think about this Reality, this pure Gift of God, which He so agonizingly wants to give….Divine Love must pour forth The Love it Contains…Divine Love must be satisfied by giving and giving alone!! Oh how we sadden God by not being as generous as we should by giving ourselves completely in everything to God as Mary did! All the Saints eventually were given this conviction through Grace! Father Neubert quotes many religious whom he studied and summed up their consensus with this quote from one of them: “I have become so convinced that I cannot arrive at perfection without living united to Mary that it is impossible for me to consider any spiritual work otherwise as a total surrender of myself to my Mother, so that she may transform me into Jesus.”

Father Neubert then gives us this very practical application of what this consists of: “…it is a constant effort to divert the natural current of my life as much as possible from my daily habits in order to perform all my actions only under the eye of my Mother.” He then comments that many have found this analogy or expression of under the eye of our Mother to be very helpful, as we must practice slowing down what we do and no longer make anything routine or habit. We must practice each day so that before we think, say or do, we consciously call Mary into our thinking, our speaking and our actions and ask how she and Jesus would respond and then do so!! Truthfully, we all are sinful, lazy, weak and attached to our comforts. It is ONLY by recognizing this Reality, admitting it to ourselves and to God by humbly begging His Mercy for our complete inability due to our self love and pride that He can stoop down to begin the transformation and this Life in Union With Him through Mary!

Mary then in her extraordinary Maternal Love starts the process and helps us to begin to recognize our unrepented sin, our love of particular comforts, our bad habits and weaknesses and then provides the Grace, as the Mediatrix and Mother of all Grace, to particularly show us through the Holy Spirit’s Gifts of Wisdom, Understanding, Knowledge and Counsel that we must begin to better use the Sacrament of Confession on a regular basis (every two weeks or less!) and the Sacrament of the Eucharist on a daily basis to strengthen us in Holiness! Mary our Mother brings us to the Source and Summit of our Faith! It is near impossible to grow much in Holiness without this daily Gift of the Bread of Eternal Life, this unique sharing in God’s Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity and further through daily mental prayer. How could it be otherwise? Her only role as the perfect Mother is to give to us her children the Love of God, which she possesses and which she herself nourished through daily reception of the Holy Eucharist and daily mental prayer!

Let us rejoice in our Mother, who is God’s Mother! Let us begin our more perfect walk with Jesus in each moment through her! Let us consciously think of being under her watchful eye as we wake, as we pray in bed before starting our day by placing it perfectly in God’s Will as she did, as we shower, as we dress, as we pray, as we eat of the Bread of Life, as we eat our meals, as we travel, as we work, as we interact with others, as we experience problems and difficulties, as we humble ourselves before others (especially, those who irritate us), as we relax, as we pray, as we retire, as we examine our conscience and desire our next Holy Communion, and as we sleep. Mary our Mother, please give us this Grace at every moment to think, say and do what you and Jesus would!! Let me live life in perfect union with you and Jesus! We must beg each day for this…Lord, I am not worthy, but only say the Word and I will be healed!

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6 Responses to A Life of Perfect Union With Jesus Requires Perfect Union With Mary His Mother and Our Mother

  1. MarysFlameofLove@aol.com says:

    This is truly wonderful, Tony. Thank-you. Ave Maria ! Chuck


  2. Lauri says:

    How beautiful, each time I read this I realize how much our Father loves us, and how many gifts He gives us to bring us closer in union with Him, I wish the world knew how much he loves us and the joy he brings to us when we turn to Him with our yes!
    Praise Jesus!


    • Thank you Lauri for your yes! Let us pray earnestly He will use our prayers and sacrifices to bring many more into His Family of intimate friends and may we through His Grace remain there now and forever! May God be glorified by our little yes in everything with and through our Mother!


  3. Tony, this message is profoundly done, a prophetic message of the calling of Jesus and Mary to the remnant of His Holy Church being formed and transformed into the image of Mary to bring us into the perfect complete image of Jesus. I have been dealing with understanding how imperfect I am in my own strength. I am sinful, lazy, weak and very attached to my own comfort. Never have I seen myself so clearly – what I look like without the Cross in my life. I am begging God to not leave me in this condition. Your message reminds me that He will not leave me but will start the process of re-creating me for the recreation of the Church and world. Thank you for the suggestions of how I can give myself more wholly to the will of Jesus and Mary and let new life in communion with God begin until I see Jesus face to face. God bless the shepherds that feed the lambs and sheep. I place myself before the watchful eye of my holy Mother; she will never forsake me but lead me to her Son who is waiting to receive me made whole and complete in holiness. God bless and keep you; you are daily remembered in prayer. Shirley Bachmeier

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    • Shirley, I am truly grateful and humbled by the daily prayer offering! May God keep us close to each other and to Him through our Mother! Let us give more…so we can receive All!


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