How to Help Others Grow In Love of Holy Communion as You Grow Yourself

Our Lord taught Elizabeth Kindelmann and many of the other Exemplars of the New and Divine Holiness about the Most Blessed Sacrament and how we should make worthy Holy Communions, which have become so rare today due to the lack of preparation and the lack of time and love given in thanksgiving after Holy Communion.  Our Faith teaches us that the Lord remains within us for about 15 minutes until the accidents are completely consumed within our body.  Our Lord lamented to Elizabeth: “Do not be so insensitive. Let not routine lead you to My Holy Table, but rather the fervor of sacrificial Charity, which ignites through contact with My Love.”

Our Lord also taught Gabrielle Bossis how He so longs for our love in Holy Communion each day: “I had so great a desire that everyone might receive the Sacrament of Love…but in My agony, I also saw desecrations and sacrileges…You who have the joy of receiving Me every day, ask that this same Grace be given to others. Say to Me, ‘Choose them since You know all the  secrets of souls, and apply my prayer to them.’  And if you are the means of bringing one or many into frequent fellowship with Me, do you think that I could fail to be grateful, not only for the glory gained by it, but above all the joy it brings to My Heart.  I will let you feel this joy reflected upon you.”

Our Lord then gave Gabrielle a loving exercise for the family of His most intimate friends: “Here is a way to do everything well. Act as though you had just left the Communion table, and you will see how your interior life blossoms out in peaceful communion with your heart.”

Our sweet Jesus then explained how we can be certain of receiving every Grace, especially how to prepare and thank Him properly for Holy Communion, which He so longs to give: “Have no confidence in yourself; expect nothing from your little resources. Then I will help you, for when you are emptied of self, I will be able to fill you. Admit your nothingness, and I the All will act in you and by you. Put your feeble smallness often in My powerful hands.”

So, let us commit each day to prepare well through desire to receive our dear Lord worthily and let us plan on staying the full 10 minutes after Mass to thank Him profusely, since about 5 minutes transpires between when we receive Him and the end of daily Mass. Let us commit to the loving exercise of spiritual communions as if we had in reality just left the Communion Table all throughout the day!

Here is a short prayer to prepare for a worthy Holy Communion written by Sister Maria Dolores, a holy nun from Hungary who died in 1998: “My Jesus, because in Holy Communion, You come into my heart and live in me, I love You with all my heart. I love You, worship and console You, and glorify the Father and the whole Trinity with Your Heart. Since You are with me, I feel I can do anything. I want to go tirelessly after souls until they let You in, my Lord, my God, my Everything. If You wish, I will stand beneath the Cross together with our sorrowful Mother.  United with her motherly Heart, I too give everything You ask or want of me.”

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4 Responses to How to Help Others Grow In Love of Holy Communion as You Grow Yourself

  1. says:

    Tony, it is so good to hear from you again. As for the time spent with the Lord after receiving Him, we have needed to be reminded of the importance of this message. Often I am Eucharistic Minister for daily Mass and the priest has already given us his blessing and is recessing out the door before I get back to my seat. It puts most in the mode of leaving instead of staying. This is just one of the examples [the most important one] that needs to be addressed and catechized by our shepherds. My conscious is reminding me of these moments of graces not received whenever I rush out the door. Thank you for the admonition and keep them coming. I await your report on the First Flame of Love Conference; the Lord really laid this on my heart for prayer and intercession. Shirley Bachmeier


    • Shirley, may God be praised as He works within you for His glory and the salvation of countless souls. Yes, this is indeed one of the great effects of Grace of the Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Satan has completely blinded us on this issue of Extraordinary Importance as the Most Blessed Sacrament is the source and summit of our Faith!! This Grace opens the eyes of our soul to see our adorable Lord being neglected and abandoned while still within our soul as a sweet Guest. Now, a few souls can and do continue their loving thanksgiving in transit, but it is very rare to be able to remain recollected. We would always be better off remaining 10 more minutes to obtain the Grace of this precious time with our God who humbles Himself to be with us, and we love Him so little that we can’t find enough to talk about…He would say simply…”just be with Me in Love…no need for words….just know I am there and wait for your loving glance, your willingness to hold Me in your soul as a dear friend…your greatest friend who also suffered a brutal death for your salvation! Just look upon Me and Love Me…that will be enough.” Certainly, a good book like “He and I” would provide ample conversation if we struggle to just to be with Him in Love…and most of us do until we mature in our Spiritual Journey. Fiat! Lord, show us and help us to thank you properly. We are just little infants who need our Mother and Father to pick us up and do everything for us!


  2. My brothers and sisters, one of the hardest realities, even with those who attend Mass daily, is how quickly all leave! Not only that, but the conversations heard at all the exits of the church makes recollection so difficult. I am continually dumbfounded how even daily communicants can be so consistently insensitive. How I wish our priests would address this: that Christ is physically present within us for at least 15 minutes–if only we could give Him this little time.


    • Kathy, may God reward your cooperation in helping others see the Truth! Yes, this is Satan’s greatest victory in blinding us. He knows the extraordinary Grace we would receive. Little by little, by taking and spreading the Flame of Love Grace, others will have this blindness removed. Many of the great Saints actually stayed much longer, many a half hour or an hour, since they knew how important this time was to our dear Lord and how profitable to our growing closer to The Lord and in achieving our eternal purpose. Let us offer ourselves as victims to our dearest Lord, especially our fasting and our night vigils, and ask Him to accelerate and inundate others, especially our fellow daily communicants, with this Grace, so that His Eucharistic Kingdom already begins to form in our Parish! As our Lord taught The Exemplars, there is nothing that gives Him more joy than to allow Him to live in and reign in us completely, and the Grace of worthy Holy Communions, is how this actually happens! Fiat!!


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