On the Reality of Christ Living Intimately Within and the Relationship He Desires

The Grace which God is pouring out right now though His Mother and the Flame of Love of her Immaculate Heart has as its main purpose to help us become loving victims living in intimate union with Christ for the salvation of souls who are in jeopardy of Hell, and for the sanctification of all other souls. God gave a detailed blueprint to Gabrielle Bossis in the classic “He and I” of what this daily relationship is which He so vehemently desires to have with you and me: “…you must invite Me; you must make Me act with you. In this way, I live My Life again on earth…Your life is a gift from Me; give it to Me in all your actions. Don’t you feel the greatness of it: to make God live….Just imagine what it would be like if at this moment all the people on the earth let Me live in them by Grace. What a spectacle for Heaven! Because you all are performing before the Angels and the Saints.”

Our Lord continued on this reality with Gabrielle: “If you thought about this, how much more effort you would make to do everything perfectly. And if you remembered that I never let you out of my sight–that this is a reality–would you not be more careful? Wouldn’t you love Me a little more? My poor little ones, don’t neglect anything that can increase your tenderness. In that alone lies your happiness. As soon as a truth or a thought touches you, keep it in your soul all day long and look at it as though you were seeing Me in a mirror.”

On the feast of St. Margaret Mary, our Lord instructed her as He did Elizabeth Kindelmann on the constant need to repair for the sins of others: “How grateful I am to those who console Me for the refusal of others and to those who call Me and long for Me. Yearn for Me more often…so eagerly does My Heart wait for you. My handmaid Margaret Mary knew this and (she) made Me happy for it was as though our two hearts were living together. Oh…let us have the same home on earth, since we will have the same home in Heaven! Let us begin Heaven. It would be such balm for Me. Do you want to give joy to your Savior-God? Then let your thoughts forever turn to Me. Hide Me in your heart as though you could save Me from wounding insults. For I receive them above all in My Holy Eucharist.”

Gabrielle then responded: “Allow me, Lord, to console You in Your agony as though I had been created for that alone.” Our Lord responded: “Direct everything in you to that end…Always act as though you saw Me, for I am really there. And aware of the intense thirst I have for souls, surrender yourself unceasingly as though it were the first time. For Me, it will always be like a first joy to receive you. Don’t get the idea that it is the greatest number of prayers which touches your God. It’s the way you speak to Him. Be irresistible in love, abandonment and humility… When you tidy your house, think that it is Mine and you will make it more beautiful. When you prepare your meals, think that it is to honor Me….Do you at last believe with all your heart that I created you in order to make you eternally happy?”

How can we not desire this intimate relationship? But how do we achieve it? We must recognize we can’t in any way achieve it; and that it is His pure Gift. Simply beg God for it every day. We must cooperate by reading and learning every day from those like Elizabeth, Gabrielle, Venerable Conchita, Blessed Dina, St. Faustina and the many others, who did have this relationship. The great news: the more incapable we feel, the smaller we are, the greater the likelihood He will stoop down to give it to us! Ponder this Truth He taught to St. Faustina: “You see what you are by yourself. The cause of your falls is that you rely too much on yourself and too little on Me. But let that not sadden you much. You are dealing with the God of Mercy…When you lower yourself before My Majesty, I then pursue you with My Graces and make use of My Omnipotence to exalt you!

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16 Responses to On the Reality of Christ Living Intimately Within and the Relationship He Desires

  1. God reward you Anthony for these posts!


  2. MarysFlameofLove@aol.com says:

    Tony, This is wonderful … just what I needed at this moment. You recap what I am beginning to realize – in which I can and am grow (ing)… but when it’s seen and read, it’s a efficacious reminder, and I/we need that. Ave Maria ! Chuck


  3. I just started reading Gabrielle’s book, He And I. I desire that intimate relationship with Jesus but He seems to be “cleaning house” by His Spirit of some things that He wants me to take more serious. He alone knows what will be allowed to touch my life and He wants me to be faithful and obedient in the small things preparing me for the larger things. Thank you for making this book a recommended resource. One that I am reading along with He and I is Fr. John Bartunek’s book, Seeking First His Kingdom often stating just exactly what He is asking of me. God is magnanimous in answering our asking, seeking, and finding. God bless and may The Flame of Love ignite the Philadelphia Conference. I am hoping that it will be available on DVD for us that are unable to come. Shirley Bachmeier


    • Thank you Shirley for the recommendation of Father Bartunek’s book. The purification of our self love is a necessary step to the intimate relationship, but He is so gentle and loving that we will persevere if we but beg each day!


  4. Tony, what a beautiful post! Several days ago I picked up HE AND I, Gabrielle’s book, wanting to read and pray with it once again. We are so blessed and fortunate in the Church–the richness of our tradition provides rich food for every kind of person, every kind of spirituality!


  5. Ginny says:

    So beautiful Anthony. Thank you and God bless you!


  6. Kevin caggino says:

    Thank you for these blessed holy and inspiring words our HOLY SPIRIT the UNCREATED IMMACULATE CONCEPTION spoke to my heart PRAISE HIS HOLY,HOLY,HOLY NAME .for sometime now i sense and feel OUR LORD calling me to a more intimate relationship with HIM,but not only me but all of us this is HIS true desire PRAISE HIS HOLY NAME and yes it is only by HIS doing HIS GRACE we can not do it on our own we must only say yes ,fiat ,as our BLESSED MOTHER said to the angel.LORD please help us all to just say yes to you today and everyday , in HIS HOLY,HOLY,HOLY NAME OUR LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST ,AMEN.


  7. Ginny says:

    I definitely will. Am just thinking if I should get the kindle version or order the book. I cannot wait to read it. I found out about the Flame of Love through you and pray my rosary that way now. I am truly beginning to feel Gods grace in my life , my married life and with my 5 children. I ask if you and your readers would be so kind to include my 1 son in your prayers who has gotten caught in the culture and stopped going to mass and stopped believing 😦 Please help me pray that he comes back to the sacraments. Thank you again and I will keep your outreach in my prayers too.


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