Our Ultimate Goal: A Crucified Child of the Father in Love at Each Moment

We have previously discussed how our Lord must give us sips of consolation as He attracts us to our goal of Sanctification and our ultimate transformation into Jesus Crucified (See May 2 and May 14, 2015). He did this with Elizabeth Kindelmann and all the Exemplars of the “New and Divine Holiness”, which St. John Paul II discussed. It normally takes some time for God to inspire us through the Gifts of the Holy Spirit to convince us that sacrifice and suffering are the greatest expressions of His Love for us and the most extraordinary Gifts we will ever receive.

The Lord especially pointed out the need to be a true child, to St. Therese and she is now considered the greatest saint of modern times, and to the servant of God, Gabrielle Bossis. Gabrielle penned the masterpiece “He and I” under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and our Lord taught her what a moment to moment, child-like relationship with God actually entailed, especially the constant need and duty we have to speak with God lovingly throughout the day, in order to actualize and satisfy our need to love God and to fulfill the need He chooses to have in order to need and receive our love and to help us repair for our sins and the sins of others.

Our Lord spoke with Gabrielle from 1937 to 1950 and promised that all who read and meditate on the words He gave her would receive the same measure of Grace He gave to her and that all of these children would “become members of one united family: the Family of My intimate friends”.

Our Lord reminded her that: “the smaller and weaker a child is, the more closely (He) holds the child to His Heart.” He then explains what we must know, desire and practice in order to achieve what He so desperately desires for us through His Mother and her special Grace. Recall how our Lord taught Elizabeth Kindelmann how she was the weakest and most incapable person He could find in order to give to the world this Extraordinary Grace that He so desires for us and all His children!

Our Lord continues to Gabrielle: “Don’t be astonished at being fragile; but place your fragility in My strong hands!…Give Me the joy of helping and transforming you. Surrender everything…Tell Me often about your great longing (to love Me and be holy). Do you think I would resist (such a request from you)? If you are generous, how much more am I?…And as you gaze on Me, you will understand that the suffering that passes leads to life eternal and you will say, ‘How simple it is,’…You will say, ‘You were nothing but goodness and mercy and I didn’t know it.’ Then the veil will be rent and you will have a face to face vision of what I suffered for you…Oh, may I have the consolation of leading my little child wherever I wish.”

Our Lord then describes to her one of the most important and consoling of all Truths, which is one we should print out and meditate with each day: “Keep this thought always before you: it is when you are living on earth that I enjoy you, My beloved faithful ones. But in Heaven, it will be you who will enjoy Me. My little children, consider My simplicity and how easy it is for you to please Me. It means only doing everything you do as well as you can for My love’s sake, in order to grow, to advance, to go higher (towards Me). Hold out your two weak arms to Me. I will help you….A look of love, what power for you! What joy for Me!…Keep your mind on Me rather than on yourself…Go (forward) with your prayerfulness and find sinners for Me. Go and seek them.”

If you do not have “He and I”, try and get a copy of it. Most who read it, will reread it and use it in prayer over the rest of their life. It is one of the greatest works in the history of the Church on what a moment by moment life lived in love for God looks like…the life Mary the Mother of God lived and the life that our Lord and our Mother taught also to Elizabeth Kindelmann. Let us never forget this Truth….”it is when you are living on earth that I enjoy you. But in Heaven, it will be you who will enjoy Me.”

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6 Responses to Our Ultimate Goal: A Crucified Child of the Father in Love at Each Moment

  1. Diane says:

    I have read this book and it is indeed remarkable. Very inspiring and consoling. I remember feeling very much a unique, one of a kind, child of God. HIs very own child. I recommend reading this book to anyone looking to be assured of God’s Love for us.


  2. Mary Huber says:

    I read He and I before Jesus during adoration. I feel like He is talking directly to me through it.I bought a copy for my daughter and hope she finds Jesus talking to her. I will be rereading it the rest of my life.


    • Thank you Mary! I agree that reading He and I before our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament is an incredible blessing! I love reading it every summer. I first read it on vacation and committed to reread it every summer for the rest of my life. It is indeed like living Heaven on earth.


      • Maria K. says:

        He and I was a two year journey of love for me and a most significant book in my spiritual walk. I journaled on it for the course of those 2 years. It is the poetry of God’s love for us. It is a great source of joy.


      • May every person experience what He has done for us!


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