Nine Days of Prayer for the Gifts: Come Holy Spirit!

As we prepare for the great Feast of Pentecost, we will pray together for the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. The first day of prayer with Mary in our “upper room with others close to her” will remind us of the utter need we have for the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. Most Catholics have never seriously studied or pondered them, which is part of the reason they have not yet fully blossomed in us. So, for the next 7 days of the Novena, we will examine each Gift and then on the last day, we will examine the result expected or the Fruits of the Holy Spirit. Let us pray as a united “Family of Spiritual Beggars” for the Gifts as part of the Church’s oldest Novena.

Archbishop Luis Martinez had another analogy for us to consider the Gifts and how they allow the Holy Spirit to act in all our faculties: “Science has produced amazing equipment that enables us to pick up invisible waves and to hear what is said or sung in any part of the world. Anyone who has a receiving set can pick up these mysterious waves that carry sounds from the most distant places. In somewhat the same way, we may consider the Gifts of the Holy Spirit as Divine receivers for picking up the inspirations of the Holy Spirit….so one who is without the Gifts of the Holy Spirit will not be able to pick up these Divine inspirations….Naturally, the comparison is incomplete. With this invention of modern science, one can only hear. By these Divine receptors, we receive not only light and teaching of the Holy Spirit, but also His movements in such a way that under their influence we accomplish in the spiritual order the best and most perfect acts….’For whoever is led by the Spirit of God, is a child of God’…From these considerations, we can reach a very wonderful conclusion: if the Holy Spirit moves us and our acts are performed under His influence, those acts truly have a Divine character.”

What this practically means for us is that by knowing, desiring and praying daily for the Gifts, our duty to become holy will be accelerated, and if we persevere, we will accomplish our PURPOSE! When we are completely surrendered to the Holy Spirit, the Gifts become supernatural instincts, which cause us to think, judge and act in all as our Lord would. The Flame of Love Grace of the Immaculate Heart of Mary is God’s gratuitous Love poured out to make this process more secure and cause it to happen much more quickly than ever before! Why would we fail to know, desire and accept this Grace? Would it not be complete folly on our part? Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary! Please now go to the site to pray the Novena prayers at Fiat!

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