The Reign of the Holy Spirit in Us and in the World

Our Lord explained the power of the Holy Spirit to Elizabeth Kindelmann and the role He must play as a Person in our lives in order to become Holy as God is Holy (as far as possible in this life): “The Holy Spirit whom you invoke frequently will take possession of your soul.”  Elizabeth responded with these insights: “With His enlightened words, Jesus poured out the wonderful Grace of the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Power, and the wonderful Light of the Holy Spirit enlightened my soul….While The Lord poured out His Spirit in my soul,  I felt the Holy Spirit breathe upon me a different level of Grace, so I could overcome all temptations.”  The Lord made very clear to Elizabeth the need to understand the role of the Holy Spirit as a Divine Person with whom we must have a relationship in order to grow in holiness, and the Church has always insisted on appropriating our sanctification to the Holy Spirit.

Our Saint Pope John Paul II explained how the Trinity is now pointing us clearly to the urgent need for a personal relationship with the Holy Spirit, which so few have today. He wrote: “Whereas sin, by rejecting love, has caused the ‘suffering’ of men which in some way has affected the whole of creation, the Holy Spirit will enter into human and cosmic suffering with a new outpouring of love, which will redeem the world.” Blessed Pope Paul VI stated: “The breath-giving influence of the Spirit has come to awaken latent forces within the Church, to stir up forgotten charisms and to infuse that sense of vitality and joy which in every epoch of history marks the Church itself as youthful and up-to-date, ready and happy again to proclaim its eternal message to the modern age…..we are living in a privileged moment of the Spirit in the Church. People everywhere are trying to know Him better as He is revealed in scripture. They are happy to place themselves under His inspiration. They gather around Him; they want to be guided by Him.”

Dr. Alan Shreck of Franciscan University has this exceptional insight for us: ” Some Catholics do not find any particular joy or power for living in their Faith, and certainly do not have much, if any, motivation to tell others about it. And then there are probably many more Catholics, who do find strength and meaning in their Faith, but wonder or wish there were something more to strengthen or truly change their lives.  The Church has the answer for these people…ask for the Holy Spirit!  Pray for the Holy Spirit to come into your life!  For those already baptized into Christ, this prayer is for a renewed or a fresh personal outpouring of the Holy Spirit.  “Charisms”–the various gifts of the Holy Spirit that St. Paul describes–accompany this renewal in the Holy Spirit…However, the primary Grace of that movement is a “release” or renewal of the fundamental action of the Holy Spirit in a person’s life–enabling one to know God personally in Jesus Christ and to receive greater power to live as a Christian daily, in service, witness, prayer and action.”  This is indeed the central element of the Flame of Love Grace…to know the Holy Spirit as a Person and the power He has to sanctify us through the death of Jesus Christ for the glory of the Father and by the intercession of our Mother chosen by the Trinity to be the perfect model for us and the Mediatrix of this Grace!

Venerable Concepcion Cabrera de Armida was given special insights by God into the coming Reign of the Holy Spirit: “Once transformation into Jesus is brought about in a soul, the Holy Spirit also becomes the spirit of the creature raised to a more or less higher degree according to the intensity and amplitude of transformation, which strictly depends upon the growth of the soul in virtue. The Holy Spirit absorbs the creature’s spirit in the course of the transformation and fills it with this so pure love which is Himself. Then, it is with this same Love that the creature loves the Divine Word, that is, with the same Love with which the Father loves Him, with absolute Love.  Loving with the Holy Spirit is the grace of graces….I desire that this last epoch of the Church be consecrated in a very special way to this Holy Spirit who ever operates out of Love…It is His turn, it is His epoch, it is the triumph of Love in My Church, in the whole universe.”

Our Lord raised up Elizabeth Kindelmann to demonstrate to us that a lay person, with no education nor training in the spiritual life,  overwhelmed with family duties and with no money, could become holy….simply by His Grace poured out through His Mother…and by our desire and sacrifice, which two elements are possible to every person on earth with none excepted.  Therefore our Lord wanted to make absolutely clear that the Call to Holiness through the Gospel and the Church, is not only possible, it is our duty!  Anyone can achieve it through Grace, who simply desires it and perseveres through the Sacraments, prayer and fasting!  The Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Grace is a component of God’s Divine Mercy, in order to make our sanctification more secure, more effective and to occur in a much shorter period of time than previously possible…it is a pure Gift of Love…God is Love!  Consecration to Jesus through Mary has always been seen as the shortest and most effective route to God (and now we have an explicit confirmation from God though His Church, which has been approved after years of careful study with other Bishops, by a faithful Prince of the Church in Cardinal Peter Erdo, the Archbishop of Budapest, Hungary).

Our Lord made this exact point on all being called to holiness explicitly clear to Venerable Concepcion Cabrera de Armida: “I did not choose (just) saints to tell them: ‘Be perfect as your Heavenly Father is perfect.’  I addressed Myself to all men, to the good and to the evil.  All without exception are obliged to sanctify themselves.”

Let us recommit today that we will accept all of this Grace simply out of love for Him who desired to Love us first and who accepted such a brutal and humbling death for our sins…by calling upon our Mother to pour out more of God’s Grace and Gifts of the Holy Spirit upon us!  Fiat!

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