Why We Must Meditate Each Day on the Passion….Not Just Good Friday

Our Lord asked Elizabeth Kindelmann to: “Constantly immerse yourself in My Passion” as He did with St. Faustina and other recent exemplars of holiness. In the March 12, 2015 Post on Repentance, we discussed St. Hannibal di Francia, an Italian Priest who was a great spiritual director, and who started several religious orders. He has one of the finest meditations on the Passion available. He explains: “As to how much spiritual benefit a soul can draw from an assiduous, daily meditation on the sufferings of our most Loving Good Jesus, no human tongue can worthily express it”. He goes on to remind us of our failure to truly love: “And what kind of heart is ours if we are insensitive to a Lover who to sway us and attract us chose to manifest Himself to us with proofs of such indescribable, unending suffering.”

There are several other excellent meditations on our Lord’s Passion with the Imprimatur and Nihil Obstat: “The Passion of our Lord” ( from the “Mystical City of God”) by Venerable Mary of Agreda; “Christ’s Appeal for Love” (from the “Way of Divine Love”) by Sister Josefa Menendez and “The Dolorous Passion of Christ” by Venerable Anne Catherine Emmerich. All of these books can be obtained on Amazon (or ordered from your book store) and they are very reasonably priced in good condition on Amazon.

Let us commit today, this Good Friday, that we will not let one day go by without meditating on His Passion. Let us print out and keep in a prominent place these words to Elizabeth Kindelmann: “Listen Elizabeth, you and and all who make reparation for others (that is us!), force Me to forgive even though My hand is ready to punish. I extend My hands nailed to the Cross before My Heavenly Father to defend you and save you from eternal damnation. I offered satisfaction to My Father. You must do likewise; this is what is means to participate in the Work of Redemption.”

Today is a day to rejoice….the “Extraordinary Day of Divine Love”… and the best way to return that Love is to commit to meditate each day on His Passion! Let us not fail in Love! Fiat!

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