The Importance of the Virtue of Obedience

Our Lord stated to Elizabeth Kindelmann: “I am so happy that you practice with great diligence this virtue (of obedience), which is so contrary to your nature. My beloved…during those moments, you truly oblige Me.” Elizabeth then stated: “How holy and great is the virtue of obedience. Until today, I had not thought about it as I do now.”

Our Lord also explained to St. Faustina: “By obedience you give great glory to Me and gain merit for yourself…Yes, when you are obedient, I take away your weakness and replace it with My strength…I am very surprised that souls do not want to make that exchange with Me.”

Father Gabriel of St. Mary Magdalene explains: “…obedience makes us surrender our own will to adhere to God’s Will…Charity will be perfect in us when we govern ourselves in each action-not according to our own personal desires and inclinations- but according to God’s Will….The will of God is expressed in His Commandments, in the precepts of the Church, in the duties of our state of life…The stricter the form of obedience to which we submit, that is, the more it tends to govern…our whole life, the more intense its practice will be…This is the great value of obedience to unite man’s will with the Will of God…”

This brings the committed lay person, who hungers for more of God’s Love and the quest to love Him perfectly as Elizabeth sought to do, to the major decision: do I seek a formal spiritual director so my obedience can become more perfect? The right spiritual director will also allow for much faster and more secure growth in holiness and union with God’s Will if it is desired and the advice is diligently applied with the virtue of obedience and done under the tutelage of True Devotion to Mary with formal Consecration to Jesus through Mary.

Pope Benedict XVI had some wise counsel for us: “The Church continues to recommend the practice of spiritual direction, not only to all those who wish to follow The Lord closely, but to every Christian who wishes to live responsibly his baptism…it is a matter of establishing that same personal relationship that The Lord had with His disciples, that special bond with which He led them…to embrace the Will of the Father.”

Obedience is the essence of love because we can not live with and in God’s Will if we do not do God’s Will in all things. So, for example, we must obey all Ten Commandments, all the just laws of the State and the just commandments of all who have authority over us….and further seek to ask God His Will when we have a free choice. The Flame of Love Grace allows us to overcome our prior blindness to obedience such as: shopping on Sundays (without a dire reason moved by Charity); or turning right on a red light where there is a sign that says no; or failing to properly prepare and thank God for Holy Communion and the many other ways we subtly disobey due to our self love and rebellion in order to do it our way.

A wise spiritual director can especially help us practice obedience and is highly recommended by all the Saints. In every Diocese there is normally a religious order which specializes in spiritual direction such as the Legionaries of Christ. You can learn more at, including some information on whether one is ready for formal spiritual direction. It has changed many lives in an extraordinary way including mine.

Our Lord told St. Margaret Mary: “I love obedience and without it no one can please Me.”

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