The Ultimate Example of Humility and A Prayer for Humility

Ultimately, humility means we recognize and admit our total inability without God’s Grace. We must completely surrender. Elizabeth Kindelmann stated: “The Lord told me to what extent He was so pleased with each soul which in its powerlessness surrenders to Him.”

The ultimate example was our dear Mother and the humility she had, especially on the Feast of the Annunciation/Incarnation of our Lord in her womb. We must ardently desire and pray especially for this Gift of Humility. Our Mother gave this instruction to us through Venerable Sister Mary of Agreda: “In imitation of me, be so humble that as far as you are concerned, you must be persuaded and convinced of your entire worthlessness and incapability, not even meriting to be considered as a slave of the servants of Christ. Remember my child that I was far from imagining that the Most High had planned for me to be the Mother of God…my humility inclined me to fear, lest my presence in the world might perhaps retard His Coming…and since it is difficult for you to understand such high Wisdom, look upon me in The Lord, in order that by His Divine Light, you may meditate and comprehend the perfection of my actions; then follow me by imitating me and walking in my footsteps.”

Blessed Dina Belanger was also an exemplar of humility. She stated: “God put into my heart the sincere and ardent desire for contempt and humiliation, these priceless treasures that the world abhors because it does not appreciate their hidden value.” Each morning and evening, she made the following prayer:

“My God grant me the Grace to be despised and humiliated as much as You will, and let none of those who despise and humiliate me be held guilty. If it is Your will that I should experience no more joy on this earth, I beg You not to let me taste a single one any more.”

Blessed Dina then gives us the Divine key: “At first, I thought this prayer meant a total renunciation of every joy here on earth. It was exactly the OPPOSITE (my emphasis). From the very moment my soul desired nothing but sacrifice, I was overwhelmed with happiness. This is the SECRET of DIVINE LOVE.”

Well, we now have the Truth about humility and humiliations. Let us desire and pray with Elizabeth Kindelmann and Blessed Dina the prayer that we will obtain this pearl of rare price. Print this Post out so you will have the prayer of Blessed Dina to recite each day. Fiat!

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