Why Humility is the Foundation of Union with God and the Virtue Necessary for Reparation

Our dear Mother explained to Elizabeth Kindelmann: “Make sacrifices my little one, and immerse yourself in the profound annihilation of humility. You are my little and beloved instrument and your relentless efforts to attain such humility please me. It is the effect of Grace of the effusion of my Flame of Love that is giving you such constancy in your perseverance (to be truly humble).”

Fr. Gabriel of St. Mary Magdalene teaches that there is an important basis for establishing true charity (or love in action) within ourselves…and that is the virtue of humility. He states that “humility is to charity what the foundation is to a building…Humility forms the foundation of charity by emptying our soul of pride, arrogance, disordered love of self and of one’s own excellence, and by replacing them with the love of God and love of neighbor. The more humility empties the soul of vain, proud pretenses of self, the more room there will be for God.” St. John of the Cross explains: “When at last (the spiritual person pursuing union with God) comes to be reduced to nothing, which will be the greatest extreme of humility, spiritual union will be achieved between the soul and God.”

Fr. Gabriel notes that the higher the ideal of sanctity we seek (with our desire), the more we have to focus on descending into the utter depths of our nothingness and relish the Mercy of God as our only possession! The ideal of union with God is so beyond our capability that we must completely admit that we can not achieve such union with our efforts; but because we totally trust in God according to His promises, He will come and bring us this Gift! However, God will not do so with a proud soul. He stoops to us when we recognize and admit our nothingness and inclination to sin.

Our Lord had much to say on humility to St. Faustina: “You are My great joy. Your love and humility make Me leave the heavenly throne and unite Myself with you. Love fills the abyss between My greatness and your nothingness….true greatness (in a soul) is in loving God and humility. He also explained to her: “Because I want to teach you spiritual childhood, I want you to be very little, because when you are little I carry you close to My Heart…” Our Lord then emphasized just how critical humility is: “Because you are a child, you shall remain close to My Heart. Your simplicity is more pleasing to Me than your mortifications.” Both Elizabeth Kindelmann and St. Faustina were called to heroic mortifications and suffering, but our Lord clearly explains that our recognition of our nothingness and misery is more important to our union with Him than the intensity and number of sufferings. We are specifically called to suffering as proof of our love and to comfort Him and help him to save souls. However, our sufferings will have little or no merit without true humility!

The incredible Gift God is giving us through the Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary is to be able to become truly humble much more safely, much more quickly and with much more certainty than ever before! Why? Because God’s Love and Mercy for us are simply beyond our comprehension! We must simply trust in the Gift! The more we trust, the more we obtain of His Love and the Gift of living with His Will as Mary did. Mary as our true spiritual Mother so wants to give us this Gift!

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