Repentance is the Most Perfect Instrument in our Hands

Our Lord constantly tried to simplify the Message and the actions He wants of us through Elizabeth Kindelmann. He stated to her: “As you communicate My words to others, many souls will benefit (us!). By your repentance, you attract Me to you like a magnet, and any soul doing that (repenting of their sins) will attract Me. Oh I beg you, draw Me to yourselves. Repentance is the most perfect instrument in your hands by which you totally oblige Me, and I grant you virtually anything. During those moments, I pour out boundless Graces upon you.”

St. Hannibal Di Francia was an Italian Priest and great lover of our Lord’s Passion. He left us an incredible meditation on our Lord’s Passion and described how important it is to meditate each day on our Lord’s Passion and Death for our sins. He described how you must understand that it was for your own sin and mine that He chose to suffer and die. He stated: “Daily meditation on the Most Holy Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ produces priceless goods for those who practice it every day. It fills us with love and gratitude and engenders real, precious repentance for one’s sins- a repentance that is felt not out of fear of temporal or eternal punishments, but out of love for God. It detaches us from earthly things and turns us away from sin, which can not exist with this holy meditation (on our Lord’s Passion).”

St. Hannibal describes how our Lord Himself will help us us if we persist in love each day with this meditation on His Passion: “Jesus will assist the soul, transport it, fill it with regret, penetrate it, illuminate it, inflame it and often communicate to it the precious gift of tears…and oh how many chosen souls, while meditating on the sorrowful scenes of the Passion finally from aridity and indifference, come to be deeply moved, weeping, crying and sighing! May the Highest Good grant to us also so great a Grace and endow us with holy perseverance in this loving, daily meditation…Now here is another great, immense benefit to be gained from meditating daily on the Passion and Death of the Divine Redeemer: it is our growth in knowledge, in love and in attachment to the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar. From the feet of the Crucified Jesus, we proceed to the foot of the Tabernacle where we worship, love and ascend to the most intimate union a soul could have with God through the Most Holy Eucharistic Communion.”

So, we know we must practice this loving exercise each day. Let us print out St. Hannibal’s meditation, which is available on line (or meditation from another Saint) and let us take up or continue this daily practice. Our dear Mother has also told Venerable Concepcion Cabrera de Armida: “Each day, child, meditate for a few minutes on the passion of Jesus, and I promise you that you will be holy!”

Let us be holy!! We have the Plan; now it is up to us!

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