The Perfection God Desires of Me and You is in the The Cross and the Holy Spirit

Our Lord spoke often of the “work of Redemption” to Elizabeth Kindelmann. Here is a particularly important entry: “Listen Elizabeth, you and all who make reparation for others, force Me to forgive even though My hand is ready to punish. I extended My hands nailed to the Cross before My Heavenly Father to defend you and save you from eternal damnation. I offered satisfaction to My Father. You must do likewise; this is what it means to participate in My work of Redemption.”

Our dear Mother explained to Venerable Concepcion Cabrera de Armida that we spend too much time on spiritual practices (even reparation) without being united to the Trinity, especially the Holy Spirit. Here is the important instruction for us: “O, if souls would meditate on the abundance of Grace that the Divine Spirit sheds upon them each day, each minute! How intensely would they love Him!…Holy Spirit….Consume our hearts, make them burn with love, and make them value the merits of sorrow that unites, purifies and saves.

“One of the errors of humanity consists in multiplying interior and exterior acts, instead of unifying them in the Holy Spirit, instead of limiting them and having oneness of Will and desire with the Will and desire of God in which true union is rooted…It is more perfect to seek this oneness, to lead the heart and soul to this unity, seeking love and loving at the same time through the Holy Spirit…to love God and neighbor with and in God…

“How much souls would advance if they took this road, the shortest and the safest for sanctification, on which stands the Cross with all its natural renunciation of self and the honor of God! Love is the incentive for all those sacrifices…Love this unity by transforming yourself into the Beloved like your Mother…The souls who unite themselves most closely to Jesus through sacrifice and purity are those who obtain the most Graces for Heaven, both for themselves and for others.”

Again, this intense Insight requires meditation and prayer to the Holy Spirit so that it takes root and does not speed through our mind. Come Holy Spirit…come by means of the power of the Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary! Print this out for reflection over the next three days.

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