How God Turns Suffering into Joy…the Eternal Gold Mine

In the last post, we discussed the purpose of our life….suffering out of Love to save souls in union with Jesus with His own Love and suffering. Our Lord constantly told Elizabeth Kindelmann to “suffer gently”. He knows that without His help we run from voluntary sacrifice and suffering. All of this is done from Love for Love with His Grace. It is a great Grace to be chosen to suffer! Here is what The Lord told Elizabeth: “Why do those to whom I offer My Graces have such great fear as if I would bring them something of evil or some failure, My little one!” ( His voice was full of sorrow). The Cross is the summons for us to take possession of the Kingdom.

One of the greatest insights ever given on suffering is from Blessed Dina Belanger. Try and read her autobiography. It is one of the great spiritual works. Here is what our Lord taught her about suffering: “Moral or physical suffering is an eternal gold mine; it a flaming dart shot by Love from the Heart of the Infinite to inflame the human heart and plunge it into the Divinity…if only we knew the amount of Love contained in each of our crosses, we would hold this treasure in such high esteem that, day and night without ceasing, we would offer ardent prayers to God to obtain the Cross and rapturous prayers of thanksgiving when it was granted to us. If we understood the value of our Crosses, we would be numb with joy and happiness at receiving them; trials, tribulations and anguish of every kind would call forth songs of gladness and enthusiasm…

“Alas! Fallen human nature is an abyss of darkness. God knows this so His Mercy always takes pity on our blindness and in spite of our natural repugnance, He offers us, and even compels us, to receive the inestimable favor of the Cross! Oh! How happy the Divine Master is to hear one single grateful word of appreciation when He offers us a thorn from His crown or a few drops from His bitter chalice…Oh! If only the Gift of God were understood!”

Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity also was taught this Truth and shares it with us for our benefit: “Look on every suffering and joy as sent directly by Him, and your life will be an uninterrupted Communion…You see how you can glorify Him in those states of suffering and exhaustion so hard to bear…”

Blessed Dina then gives us the Divine key….let us emblazon this into our memory forever: “…under the influence of Grace, Love transforms into joy what the world calls pain.”

These spiritual insights are among the most eternally important we will ever receive, so let us thank God profusely! Let us print this out now and meditate with it often, especially during Lent. Do we now see more clearly the Love God has for each of us and why we were called to suffer? Could there be a greater Love than to lay down our (prior) life for our Lord as He did for us? Do you see how He so wants to give you this eternal Gift? We will thank Him for this Gift for all eternity. We simply must say Fiat… and each day ask Him to let us persevere in His Love….to suffer gently!

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